Smell Lamb On Your Back

So, we just got an email from this French brand called Sans Nom. They mentioned how they're carried in awesome stores like Pigalle, which basically sealed the deal, but we figured we'd keep reading anyway. They continued with the fact that their clothing is proudly made in France, but inspired by America, making its way into the offerings in the form of stars and paisleys and such, and sure, we like our home country too. Although, we will note that if they really wanted to be inspired by America, they should have somehow made it so their clothes give the wearer diabetes. Poor health aside, what absolutely won us over was how they described their lambskin crewneck: "...for real it really really smell lamb on your back." The previous statement has not been altered.

  • WAVY

    These corny ass French brands are trolling hard smdh. This one is actually named ”No name” in French I mean how basic is that? Pigalle is another corny ass name: it’s the same as coming from the city and naming your brand ”Harlem”. BWGH is even more stupid since it’s named after a basic ass song that French people decided was cool. I could start a brand called ”Matière Fécale” and get mad reblogs. This reminds me of the Gant Rugger crewneck you guys promoted that said ”I am an american girl” in French all across the chest (sic!). For real dawgs??
    See for yourself:

    • Guest

      Dawg, I get your frustration (I really do); we’re living in a world sans originality (see what I did there?). But, I also feel like Sans Nom (tacky American crewneck aside) doesn’t have to pay (à la your diatribe) for all the obvious slip ups by these other brands (especially Gant – please tell me somebody got fired?). I mean, if you think about it, the “00” tee does make sense for a brand named “No name” (hence no numbers – yes, i know “0” IS a number, but you get my point). Basically, all I’m saying is cut them some slack. They still seem to be (relatively) new so let’s wait and see what else they release in the coming seasons (Spring/Summer 2014?) before we completely count them out.

      P.S. – Yes, I really like using parentheses (Actually, “parentheses” isn’t a bad name for a streetwear brand. Or it’s at least better than “fecal matter”, right?). Also, just for the record, you actually used “sic” wrong (For real dawg?). No but seriously you should look up its proper usage.

      • WAVY

        I feel your style mang I’m not mad at your input. I don’t see how I used sic wrong but if I did it would be pretty hilarious point taken! I meant Gant actually offers a menswear sweater with the words ”I am an american girl (sic)” printed on it. Is this better or am I still failing?

        Anyhow, the shi(r)ts with the numbers on the back are beyond played out and the paisley patches are done by any brand at your local mall skate shop (I’ll leave the American crewnecks alone they speak for themselves). I just might as well rock Crooks and Castles *pause*. All these generic brands copy the same stuff. Now I ain’t really mad at them (what they eat don’t make me shit) but I was surprised to see one of them promoted here. The only reason I see is that it’s a French brand with an obscure name to the american eye (so it must be cool right?).

        Oddly, these brands kinda justify the last Kanye rant.

        • Yung Couch Surfer

          Dawg, now that’s how you use sic!

          All jokes aside, I completely understand where you’re coming from. Basically, what’s with all the cliché lately, right?

          Well, just so you don’t completely lose hope in French brands, I would like to introduce you to a new one that’s actually eschewing the norm and filling a gap in the market:

          See, all’s well that ends well.

  • SM.C.ENG

    a year too late im afraid…and a complete rip-off of NIKE.
    No longevity.