Dover Street Market Will Be The First Store In America Not Named Supreme Where You Can Buy Supreme

Last week, The New York Times published an article detailing the creation of Dover Street Market NYC, the highly anticipated retail location from Comme des Garcons. The piece outlines Rei Kawakubo's overall unrelenting design vision (she literally had the location of the elevator moved) as well as specifics of the sure to be incredible seven story space. For example, each section of the store will be given extraordinary attention as its own shopping region, from the layout of the product to the music played (because we know how important that is). While the store will carry a range of the world's best labels, from major fashion houses such as Saint Laurent to a capsule collection of specially designed garments from visvim, perhaps the most unexpected label to grace the brand list is Supreme. This is not only surprising given that Supreme already has a store of its own in New York, but because this will literally be the first time a store in America not named Supreme will be carrying the coveted box logo. On the subject, founder James Jebbia stated, “They want to open peoples’ eyes to great things. I’m very proud to be in there," alluding to the fact that Supreme will be placed across from famed Italian mega-label Prada. Will this perhaps put the already extremely high thirst levels at DSM into code red territory? Probably not. How many Hypebeasts you know read the NYT?

10 Responses to “Dover Street Market Will Be The First Store In America Not Named Supreme Where You Can Buy Supreme”

  1. booboobb

    this is so rich old people can buy it with out getting mean mugged by the dude who work at actual store

  2. OK_ok

    There´s only one problem which is the location of this store – since when do affluent people go to Murray Hill for shopping?

    • GEB

      I work in Murray Hill, so it’s perfect for me. Then again I’m not affluent so..I don’t know. What were we talking about?

  3. pipokun

    there were a handful of retail outlets in N.A. that sold supreme including Canada. shows ya’ll are new(er) to the cool guy streetwear world.

  4. big20sd


    he said america specifically, because yes we know nomad carries supreme.

  5. Wrong

    Leilow Hawaii carried Supreme, Commissary in San Diego and Orange County carried Supreme.


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