Drake’s OVO Jordans Prove He Can Take Struggle Things And Make Them Awesome

Images and random ass eBay auctions for the OVO x Jordan X's and XII's have been bubbling over the past few weeks and fueling the unstoppable hype cycle, and now official studio images of the kicks have been released. Styled in monochromatic color schemes and complete with faux stingray, they are straight fire even if it seems Jordan gave Drake a couple of struggle silhouettes just to, like, test him. I mean, no one is buying those Cool Grey X's that just dropped on Saturday and, sure, XII's are pretty dope, but they ain't no I's, III's, IX's or XI's. So, shouts to Champagne Papi for making struggle things awesome again (other examples include, but are not limited to: Soulja Boy). However, there's still have no word on price or a general release, but rest assured that the corruption and bots and raffles surround one makes us peasants sad just thinking about it.

10 Responses to “Drake’s OVO Jordans Prove He Can Take Struggle Things And Make Them Awesome”

  1. wesawithappen

    Did you write “struggle” instead of “struggling” three times on purpose? Is this some new slang term I’m not up on, or was that a mistake?

  2. T

    This fucking guy. Can’t believe he actually gets paid to write the shit he comes up with. You’re trying to tell me that Jordan 10s and 12s were fucking “struggle items” before Wheelchair Jimmy gave them a gay ass sparkly makeover? Only Drake would come up with the idea of fucking sparkles on a pair of Js. Kill yourself Jake Woolf.

  3. struggle

    ugly AF, especially the black ones, they look like something you see a middle aged recently divorced broke-ass dad wear on his way to pick his kids up from the mall 22 minutes late.

  4. Taylor Cook Jr.

    “Struggle things” is that a new slang term or some stupid shit? cause they’res not a a pair of retro J’s that struggle with sales. These are by far the worst 10’s and 12’s ever put together, look at the fruity ass sparkles on em? what is that. And the colors are dull as hell…..struggle things lolll, you’re a fuckin idiot.

  5. j

    The XII’s are one the the greatest pair of Air Jordans ever released. They don’t need Drake’s sparkle to stand out.


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