Drink The Engineered Garments Fall/Winter 2014 Kool-Aid Because It’s Absolutely Delicious

WOOOOO! It's the moment you've all been waiting for, like, the past 6 months of whatever. It's the new Engineered Garments lookbook and if you have even a little bit of taste in your body then you've got a boner already. First off, let's do this shit proper and thank the gawd Daiki for blessing us with his wisdom and layering prowess for yet another season. For F/W 14, rare and extended hemlines, as well as patterns upon patterns upon plaids are once again out in full force, lending themselves to the label's signature "homeless man with a penchant for key, eccentric pieces" aesthetic. There's just grails all over the fucking place, man. For instance, let's talk the fur and leopard print shit happening here. Leopard print is usually wild corny, but when incorporated into a look of otherwise traditional workwear and menswear, it's given new life, especially in bucket hat form. Or maybe that's total bullshit and I'm just drinking the Kool-Aid. Fuck it though. This is some delicious ass Kool-Aid.

  • WAVY

    Dope indeed but I’d Tobi the fuck out of it tbh (probably missing the whole point)

  • http://www.screvvface.com/ SCREVVFACE

    Kool-Aid tasting olde timey. I think it’s expired.

  • Dick Rooster

    Oy! These photos are shite mate.

    Dat robe on 16-18 doe.