Earning The Right To Wear T-Shirts

This Margiela T-shirt is pretty dope and would be a wise addition to your summer T-shirt repertoire, which you've probably noticed by now is heavily lacking. It's only, like, 10 plain navy or grey Uniqlo T-shirts, a few Supreme joints, some other streetwear shit, a Wang tee and some other fuckshit you never, ever wear, but still, it's not enough. Or maybe I just described exactly what my collection of T-shirts looks like. The world will never know. Technically, this MMM tee is from their F/W 14 collection because fashion is insane like that, but you need to jump on this now if you want to get your money's worth. Besides, now is the best time of year to wear this because everyone will finally see the stitches on the back. Unless, of course, you live somewhere like LA and have been flaunting this flex since day one, in which case go fuck your own face. THE REST OF US EARNED THE RIGHT TO WEAR T-SHIRTS AND WE DON'T TAKE THAT SHIT FOR GRANTED.

  • rawl-ie Roel-i-OG

    i love the use of capslock on this site

  • Hans_II

    Wow fuck. When I saw this earlier today on the hunt I was all like “wtf who would wear this?” Then I saw it on Four Pins and, shit, Woolf? Come on man..

    • Dillon

      If anybody it had to be Woolf tho

  • huukuuk

    is it me or is Woolf starting to steal Moy’s voice?

  • p8uop8up

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