Embrace A Little Bit Of Morbidity

Black jeans are soooo in you guys. I saw a ton of fucking dudes in black denim when I was in NY and I never even once stepped foot into Brooklyn. These Left Field joints are murdered the fuck out, with all black everything. They’re called the Black Maria jeans. Normally when you hear something like “Black Maria” you probably just assume you’re kind of racist co-worker is trying to tell a story about that crazy office party, but instead of just saying “Maria from accounting," she goes and fires off a “Black Maria” because she's hammered. Left Field ain't about that slizzered racism though. The jeans' namesake comes from the hearses that transported the bodies of dead coal miners in the early 20th Century. That shit is morbid as fuck, but if you’re really gonna be a badass in black denim, you’re gonna have to embrace a little bit of morbidity.

  • Heisenberg

    Am I the only one who got a little disappointed discovering Jon Moy doesn´t actually live in NYC?

    • Dick Rooster

      Not so much disappointed as confused. I mean, why the hell doesn’t he live in NYC?

      • Randy Lai

        Because he’s the steelo hero that Detroit deserves….

    • Lawrence

      Jon writes about living in Detroit in literally 99% of his posts.