Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2013

Nepenthes released the Engineered Garments S/S 2013 lookbook a few days ago. It’s got a very surfer/stoner/skatepunk/EG kind of vibe, which means cool dudes with cool hair wearing dope gear. I wanted to be a surf bum so badly growing up. I had Hypercolor shirts and one of those shiny ass Ocean Pacific anoraks. But then I realized I suck at swimming and I could never get my hair to look sun-drenched. It always looked like I over-bleached it by spraying Sun-In every five minutes. CAN YOU IMAGINE ME STUNTING IN THE MID WEST WITH AN O.P. SHINY ASS PULLOVER ON? PICTURE IT! Shout out to Daiki for including Bermuda shorts. They’ve always been way more appealing to me than those crazy 5 inch inseam joints everyone was trying to convince each other weren’t too revealing. Word is bond, your girl doesn’t want to see the pastiest, hairiest part of your upper thigh. I mean, honestly, she probably doesn’t really enjoy seeing you naked. Wear awesome clothes during the day and keep that bedroom candle lit. Everyone looks like Ryan Gosling with the lights off.

4 Responses to “Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2013”

    • Tjayy

      Dude, read the second sentence of Moy’s paragraph. That pretty much explained to me why they’re not wearing socks.

  1. Richard

    Engineered Garments must be my favorite brand out there. I can see my self wearing all of these, and the styling is on point to. One day when am rich AF, ONE DAY.

  2. Tjayy

    The blazers in this lookbook would make Nick Wooster bust a nut. Not implying anything here, just using exaggeration bruh. This shit really is on point though.


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