Enter The Blazer

Yeah, yeah, we get it, you’re into that floating canvas, red coral, cashmere-brought-down-from-Mt. Olympus type menswear shit. But once in a while you just need something that feels a little less pretentious because otherwise you'll be more of a dickhead than you already are. Enter Gant Rugger's check blazer, part of Christopher Bastin’s S/S 13 offering. It feels (looks?) contemporary and easily wearable. If you’re a purist you can even cop the matching smarty pants. Nobody else is going to notice because they’re all too busy dehydrating themselves in an effort to perfect their 3 piece minimum summer layering game.

3 Responses to “Enter The Blazer”

  1. Dave s

    This blazer sucks. Fit , color and pattern look like something from the 70’s even the lapels are too wide. I don’t care who makes this. Wearing it would indicate a severe lack of taste.

  2. Adam

    A blazer is a solid coloured jacket, which often, but not always has metal buttons.

    A sports coat is a jacket which usually has patterns (as above), and is sometimes in a heavier weight (as it used to be used for ‘sport’ such as hunting…meaning it had to be less fine and more durable.

    A suit is a matching jacket and pants – which is what this seems to be.

    Not a big deal, but there is a perpetual misunderstanding of these terms and I felt like weighing in 😛


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