Everything We Learned About Fashion From Kanye West’s Greatest Interview Ever

We’re not exactly sure what Zane Lowe of BBC1 Radio expected when he sat down to talk with Kanye West, but what he got was an interview nothing short of legendary. Over the course of an hour, Kanye went into more depth than ever before on his aggressive stances regarding fashion, art, design, culture, the Internet and, of course, his own music. Love him or hate him, Kanye West is bar none the most quotable human being on the entire planet, his best in class conviction acting as some sort of turbo rocket fuel for opinions. He might not believe it in 10 minutes, but when Kanye says something, he fucking means that shit and you better believe him.

Of course, Lowe’s interview wouldn’t be complete without the discussion of Fashion, something the world knows all too well is perhaps Kanye’s greatest passion after sonics. As is to be anticipated, Yeezus served up a smattering of epic and controversial statements on the clothing industry, in some cases calling out specific big time designers by name for their lack of vision. If there’s a criticism to be made of West, it’s that sometimes he doesn’t seem to realize that he needs to explain his thought process regardless of the fact that he’s apparently already reasoned through various complex ideas in his own head. Without explanation, his statements can seem completely out of left field or unwarranted, which often contributes to their memorability in the first place. The catch 22 of any Kanye interview is that even with context most of what he can still be taken completely out of context.

We did our best to extract the gems from Ye’s chat with Zane Lowe, hoping in the process to learn a few things about fashion, but, more importantly, about the man who once referred to himself as the Steve Jobs of downtown culture.

  • orlandopoliticsnet

    Great Write-up and Slideshow. I think Ye’s sincerity gets lost in print sometimes. There could be some genuine passion there that reads arrogant but doesn’t always capture the love. http://orlando-politics.com/

    • Dev

      Thats the essence of him. He is very passionate indeed but it often gets misconstrued as arrogance, but he doesnt always help matters

    • Dev

      Thats the essence of him. He is very passionate indeed but it often gets misconstrued as arrogance, but he doesnt always help matters

  • Philip Oudshoorn

    I’m definitely rooting for his fashion line, unless of course I get hit with Pyrex prices.

    • Sir


    • Trisan

      or Pyrex style

  • squatty

    another thing i learned: kanye is really flexible because he knows how to suck is own dick

  • J Dilla

    Man I like Kanye but sometime the shit he says makes no fucking sense. Seriously, I new a kid who started smoking weed in the 6th grade who now does speedballs before parties, and that kid is more coherent in his ramblings.

  • Martian Margiela

    First off, his ‘ramblings’ aren’t incoherent. They are passionate and full of a perspective that comes through experience and knowledge.

    In the interview, Kanye is both self aware and seemingly enlightened. He clearly has insider’s perspective that most people could only dream of, yet, he is still an outsider in so many ways. This does not stop him. He’s trying wholeheartedly to change that. He doesn’t just lay down.

    He knows how he comes off. He addresses haters. He references putting ‘On Sight’ as the first track on Yeezus simply to weed out the close minded. This is a man who believed in himself since day one and look where it’s gotten him. This is also a man who wants you to believe in yourself.

    Seriously, hate all you want. But ask yourself these questions: Dude has how many grammies? How many countries has he visited? How many elderly white people over 60 AND beautiful women dance to his songs at weddings? Do you hate him or are you just jealous?

    (Also, he’s hilarious at times and only gives crazy eyes on a couple occasions)

  • Joseph Wiley

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