Exclusive: Totally Real, Never-Before-Seen John Galliano Interview

Earlier this week, Vanity Fair released excerpts from an interview with disgraced designer John Galliano. Touted with much fanfare as Galliano’s first sober interview and the first time he’s spoken to any major media outlet since video of his 2011 anti-Semitic meltdown raced across the Internet, the designer discussed his future, his struggles with addiction, a dramatic, self-inflicted shirt-ripping and his quest for redemption. However, an anonymous source alerted Four Pins to an earlier interview Galliano conducted with girls’ fashion and lifestyle title Seventeen Magazine weeks prior to his talk with Vanity Fair. The piece was promptly canceled due to concerns about how teenage girls would react to some of what Galliano had to say. Four Pins has the exclusive, totally real*, never-before-seen content.

*Obviously, this is 100% fake.

Steve Dool is a writer based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter.

  • http://hermestie.tumblr.com/ Buffalo Will

    Four-Pins crushing it lately

  • Tanya S Davis

    This is the sort of thing I had hoped would happen when A.L.T. was a judge on ANTM (It’s cool–I’ll wait while everyone pretends not to know what I mean).

  • shrek

    this nigga didn’t have anywhere near a meltdown
    just drunkenly told some ugly italians hitler was cool
    oy vey it was like da holocaust all ova again
    so sorry ADL of course i will pay you $25K to make everything all better