What To Expect From #Menswear Blogging In 2014

Are you familiar with @AMenswearBlog? You should be. We’re Twitter’s menswearest menswear curators of distinction, gathering all the edgiest stuff that you probably don’t know about yet and telling you about it in 140 characters. We’re from Britain too, so we know how to do pocket squares and are all reformed football hooligans. Shit like that. Here are our predictions for the future of #menswear blogging.

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  • connor

    Shit i agreed with slide 6, then I read the jetpack slide and realized i know nothing, as well.

  • Peter

    maybe articles about clothes that we can actually afford and actually look good in.

    • http://www.evilmerino.tumblr.com/ Evil Merino

      I think you’re missing the point here. Also saving and buying 1 nice well-made item instead of 10 cheap and poorly made Asos/Zara/H&M garments is kinda what the whole #menswear thing is about.

  • howl

    more video and shit. come on menswear hire a digimedia agency

  • f_galton


  • tough_luck

    doomed to fluctuate between metrosexual ninja from the future and preppy lumberjack for eternity #menswear

  • tomword

    RE: comments on this post – I know four pins is American but for fucks sake #menswear is joking with these predictions, they are being sarcastic and ironic *puts head in hands*

  • Angelo

    ay fuck Japan, dudes letting nuclear waste slip into the ocean and pop us a lil head bow like “Yo, We got this!”