Facts About #Menswear Dogs

Kent Wang just came all the way correct with these CP rips. Before you get all aggro and complain about how Common Projects themselves are a rip-off of classic sneaker designs, just shut the fuck up because when you buy these sneakers for $95—yeah, I said NINETY FIVE DOLLARS—and wear them to a cool fashion event, every #menswear dog will be like, “Nice, ummmm, Common Projects, bro,” and you’ll get to explain to them how they're actually Kent Wang sneakers. Don't hold it against them. The #menswear dog, while loyal, has a brain only 1/10th the size of a human's.

  • Nerd

    Kent Wang sounds like a hairdresser

  • http://theatlas.co/ The Atlas

    the rest of the kent wang website looks dodgy as shit tho

    • Austin

      I’ve bought several things from Kent. I’ll vouch for his website’s authenticity and the quality of his goods.

    • Austin

      But be careful if you’re buying clothing, shit is vanity sized. The sneakers are sized to industry standard.

      • http://theatlas.co/ The Atlas

        thanks man, i really appreciate it! those white sneakers look super clean

  • Philip Oudshoorn

    This the kinda shit I fucks with. Props for posting these, Moy.

  • Trisan

    Yea but common projeccts still look better

    • Gob

      These are missing that sexy golden text.

      • Woofs Mackenzie

        just write out “Fuckboy” in gold sharpie

        • http://theatlas.co/ The Atlas

          omfg yes