“Fashion Bros!” Episode 10.5

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  • stfumikep

    wtf did I just watch

    • Lawrence


      • James Harris

        swag swag

      • stfumikep

        Knock it off, Larry.

  • Nic

    this was still funny tbh

  • yo check

    Sh#t just got weird.
    And it was like so good.

  • John Lugg

    You guys didn’t even drink any of that Skinny Girl.

  • http://www.evilmerino.tumblr.com/ Evil Merino

    burn unit +1

  • 92

    IVE BEEN REFRESHING FOUR PINS FOR A WEEK AND THIS IS WHAT I GET????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Cameron Wolf

      ya got burnt

  • Ebenezer

    Ahahahaha The idea that this show is too cheap to even pay for watermark removal on stock photo’s is hilarious.

  • Shuttlesworth

    The problem with comedy is that, unlike, say, basketball or drawing, if someone believes they’re good at it, it’s hard to convince them otherwise.