“Fashion Bros!” Episode 11

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  • ewrrewererwrwe

    Lawrence, you should go easy on the conditioner+pomade combo.

    Take my advice, I was in the same boat as you – addicted to hair products and went overboard – your hair will become like a drug addict in the end.

    • Rfs

      you the guy from my hair products anonymous meetings?

  • Yes.

    You guys are terrible actors, but this is <> hilarious.

    • Lawrence

      What makes you think we’re acting?


    Guys, i think you should provide more information, news and content, insides and etc, i know that this must be ‘funny show’, but cmon’, more actual information and less jokes.

    • Lawrence

      sounds swagless tbh

  • Bling Rhames

    Jake Woolf must’ve really fucked up y’all coffee runs, huh?

  • Michele D’Agnillo

    The girlfriend just bought me some Versace underwear as mangerie, she’s still unaware that they’ve been ruined by exam-induced booty sweat.