“Fashion Bros!” Episode 2

See episode 1 here.

  • Cnn

    big improvement on the first one

  • Bird Jesus

    This was surprisingly hilarious, good work guys!

  • Man o Wear

    Well done. Keep em coming.
    Especially the snap judgement segment

  • fashion

    Since when did Seth Rogen start hosting a fashion web series?

  • Howle

    Sun Bros

  • Abe Santana

    These are far too short and I already truly and really miss you guys shitting on random #ootd fuckbois.



  • Bro

    Sick vid, bros. Keep ’em coming.

  • BIGGUCCIGLOasseater

    only content on Four-pins to get positive Comments. but yo why YG ”My biebers” Remix video got such a low budget? LMAO i mean damn the original went platinum! DEF JAM really aint shit.

  • Kyle

    Fuck yes dudes. More of this

  • http://highschool4innovatoes.tumblr.com/ Loveandalchemy

    Looking back this episode was fucking hilarious bc y’all were just having fun up there. Great shit


    Damn they scared me with that hba shit