“Fashion Bros!” Episode 3

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  • yduran

    Finally episode 3!

    • D

      said no one

  • http://BikePretty.com/ Bike Pretty

    I learned so much!

  • http://www.evilmerino.tumblr.com/ Evil Merino

    Best yet keep it up fashun bruhs

  • http://www.plndr.com/plndr/MembersOnly/login.aspx?r=2560944 The Representative Man

    They literally took all those pictures from the “Post Hypebeast Picture at Their Prime” thread on Hypebeast.com

  • 92

    i like the idea but these are always so corny

    • yduran

      That makes it better. You laugh at them while they laugh at others

  • Matthew

    Is it bad that I fuck with this?