“Fashion Bros!” Episode 5

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  • stfumikep

    James looks fucking frightened in that opening shot.

  • kendall jenner

    i feel better about myself after watcing u two

    • Nerd

      the real kendall jenner wouldnt say somethin this mean RIP mh370

  • Nerd

    life hack: watch this video without sound and just stare at james even when hes not talking

    my dude pulls some super swaglord faces im seriously contemplating making a digital collage out of them

    • James Harris

      do it. do it now.

      • Nerd

        such challenge very accept wow

  • Woost God

    Miss you bros!

  • hypeo

    John Elliott hoodie?

    • Lawrence


  • Matthew

    Still fucks with it.

  • Matt

    S A D B O Y S