“Fashion Bros!” Episode 6

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  • stfumikep

    I got nothin. Good job.

  • Nerd

    wow james for the first time ever ur lookin marginally presentable

    i also feel like you made a real effort to not pull faces akin to walking dead extras whilst lawrence is talking, so good job on that front too my dude

    • James Harris

      thanks, person i will destroy

      • Nerd

        sexually i hope x

  • Matt

    Please have lunch with Rick Owens on episode 7, I heard he’s down with Chic Fil A.

  • Grant

    can someone please make a gif of LS going num num for Oprahs boobs please? I want to see this in my tumblr feed ASAP

  • wow

    wow holy shit your audio is fucked

  • WAVY

    Yo Schlossmayne ain’t it ALD tho? Why say ADL?

  • howl

    fav episode so far

  • whtever

    you guys are pathetic tbh