The Definitive Guide To Fashion Designer Uniforms

A fashion designer has the unique duty of crafting products that are not only respected artistically, but that people will ultimately want to spend their hard-earned money on to acquire. Season after season, collections are turned out to meet the demands of both consumers and retailers, perpetuating the idea that new clothes are where, indeed, happiness lies. It's ironic, then, that so many high-fashion designers seem to wear the same exact outfit every day of the year, sometimes for years on end. Is it just that they feel strange about buying new clothes? That they feel immoral for wearing labels that aren't their own? That they love their own designs that much? Or maybe, and most likely, that they simply just don't give a single fuck? Here, we break down a few such designers' signature iconic uniforms.

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  1. thughandles

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    fuck off jake
    why do you always include some tumblr bullshit in every article you write

    • Jake Woolf

      why do you always sound so butthurt in every comment you write?

      • Dillon

        lol jakeĀ“s been creeping in the comments as of late here with us peasants who aren’t #BloggersOMG. he know he aint #MoyLevel and its starting to haunt him

        But seriously tho, this was a good read. 7/10 would read again

        • Joey Bats

          Jake Woolf is the type of dude who farts in the toilet and flushes.

          • Guest

            Jake Woolf the type of dude to wish he was black and sounded like a rapper but still had that WASPy, privileged upbringing

      • thughandles

        why are you filled to the brim with white guilt? batty boy

      • squatty

        We click on an article thinking that we will see or learn something new, and you give us garbage from the Woolf world. Take some pride in your craft.

  2. Anthony Sykes II

    Was under the impression that Ervell said in a interview he only wears Levis 501’s.


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