Fashion Grandpas, The Patronizing Instagram Account “Taking The Internet By Storm”

This is a photo of the babe behind Fashion Grandpas. What's Fashion Grandpas? Only an Instagram account that sends out official press releases touting it as "the newest menswear account taking the internet by storm." YEAH FUCKING RIGHT. If I wanted to see pictures of steezy old dudes I'd just go to Mister Mort. The fucked up thing about this account? The style isn't even that good. And a lot of the captions are patronizing as fuck. If I ever was like, "Aye grandpa, love your knee highs!" He would've been like, "Shut the fuck up, Jon. I was a Marine in the Pacific during WWII. They're called socks, you jackass." Seriously, if you guys want to see a site dedicated solely to the styles of the dinner at 4:00pm set, please head over to Advanced Style. Homie's been doing this shit for a minute and doesn't need a press release to brag about it.

  • Whatwhatwhat

    I feel like this article is just an attempted hipster brag of how many blogs you know of that feature old dudes alphets

  • Guest

    agreed. dude needs to relax before he gives himself a nosebleed. (over an instagram account – that is actually very cute).

  • Tamia

    more important question: why is that woman so much smaller than that man?

    • Howle

      Depth. Look it up

    • kealoha

      Actually—prepare to have an answer you weren’t really looking for—

      That man is David Weinrib, an artist who I’ve been working with for the past year. He’s 89. His wife, Jo Ann, is 60, and suffers from really awful dementia that has also aged her considerably. The size difference isn’t due to the photograph, it’s just how it is. Glad to see the comments/caption treat them well. Nicest people.

  • Grant

    people fucking suck