Fashion’s Most Overrated 2013

Another year has passed, another 12 months of shit shot directly into our brains via the LCD screens that have become the window to our lives. You've spent a year shit strolling down a hip street in your shitty town on the feet of some asshole who thinks he’s cool because he makes all his purchases via links on Four Pins. So, once again, it’s the time of year when I, resident contrarian you hate to hate, takes a look back and pisses off all my friends by pointing out how all the things they like are super weak. Sorry, guys. This is my burden—my duty as the lone voice of chill-the-fuck-out here at Tha Pinz to poop all over the lame trends you probably wasted money, time and valuable brainwaves on in 2013. Go ahead and hate the player because I hate the game.

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.


  • Peter

    you forgot to put this website up there.

    • Lawrence

      Thanks for your devoted, undying loyal hate reads this year, Peter. See you in 2014?

      • Peter

        Yes you will sir!

  • Olerud_4_Life

    your #13 was spot on. Thanks.

  • Dixon Syder

    So retro ball shoes from other than Nike or their superstars is over-rated…? I smell endorsement. GTFOH

    • Riley Jones

      Did you read the whole blurb? Dude trashed the Gloves too, Nike wasn’t excluded. The knock at adidas and Reebok was about new shoes.

  • Drew

    It’s so easy to hate this Angelo guy.

    • Angelo

      Ye what! Nah, fuck you im on this niggas team, fuck drake and pyrex, they should fuck and make a 2013 omen child.

  • Edizzle Fshizzle Eddi Fshizzle

    most of the giuseppe sneakers are designed by mr west. And so many people wear them so. Almost everyone who listens to hiphop dresses them self like him. so he´s not that overrated

  • alec

    americans are so uncultured, this guy doesnt even know that netherlands and holland is the same country and that scandinavia is norway/denmark/sweden.

    • Angelo

      but who cares anyway, cuz they aint cool

      • Rafaello Myles

        Not caring doesn’t make you smart.

        • Angelo

          Fuc man dont even make me link your blog on this

          • Rafaello Myles

            “Fuck man” watch your grammar, link my blog on this I really love when people advertise for me.

          • Angelo


            dudes check out this sweet digs it got the scoop like drake wearing wang shirts in some shitty low res pictures followed up by some ones of kanye in a fuckin canadian jersey


  • Guest

    I blame a lot of this on celebrities. Celebrities used to set the trends, make you want to attain that look. Now they follow others, and wear clothes no normal person can buy.

  • connor

    i blame this on celebrities. They used to set trends, with something attainable, now they just follow major brands, and wear sit we cant buy. ps i can tell angelo never got into this shit as a child cuz who disrespects cortezes, or retro reeboks or adidas.

  • Townshipchessteam

    This article suckkksss

  • prickasso

    Sometimes I’m like ughhhhh 4pins but then an article like this comes along and I’m like YEEEEAH 4PNZZZZ!

    I will cop to actually liking the doge memes, though

  • Alex Bond

    who’s tryna dress like kanye? i thought this site was more the-dream with an americana twist

  • Doge

    such #menswear

  • OK_ok

    THANK YOU for being the ONE person on this site whose not got Kanye´s dick shoved down his throat – THANK YOU!

  • Rafaello Myles

    I blame Kanye West and Virgil Abloh for this!

  • Sleaze

    you put hats on the list? these culture rags are the worst

  • realtrehunnaJR Bow

    nike cortez never had a moment boy fuck this article.
    and that picture with the happy white guy with the floppy hat is like a good ass picture why would you ever try to come at that????
    fuck this article x2 hoe seriously………………………….

  • JT

    according to this article everything is lame. Okay Ill just not wear any clothes surprised you didnt say white tees are lame too. Can I wear underwears? or nah

  • fuccyouraunty

    good article

  • TrillCosby

    OMG Hip Hop is bad because it’s not violent and tough anymore guise! I have no problem with black dudes of any class rapping, there’s something deeper to black than the struggle story. Hip-Hop is a form of black music period, a form of black music, and no matter what class a black person is, we’re still going through the same shit and are given shit by white people. See the Lavar Burton CNN video about this.

    The thing about inner city white people is, at least they have their skin color, black people? We can’t (and should want to) change ours. My problem is more with obvious rich ass white kids trying to co-op rap, look hard, and making up fake ass stories to look hard. I don’t care if your grew up in the hood and are white, you still white.

    • Ryan Mercer

      I almost agree. Yea they white and got it easier because that. But if you real you real, if you fake you fake. A lot of rich kids do that shit period. Struggle is struggle, and if you real bout who you are I respect you all the same.

  • Ryan Mercer

    Yea I agree with 10 out of 13. I hate hype beast with all my heart. Tame hip-hop isn’t the prob as far as music goes, its non-rapping rappers..its a problem when singers are out writing and free-styling you. But yea Drake’s fashion influence is a plague by all means.

  • Ronald Holland

    You know what is overrated. Underground hip hop. I”m so tired of all these underground artist getting deals now just because its become the “it” thing to listen to mixtapes and underground rap. Underground has almost become more mainstream. I’m happy to see deserving artist get on but seriously your not “in” if you dont listen to the underground. It’s ridiculous. Listen to who you listen too.

  • gabri3l3

    Long shirts are dope man