Favorite Branding Strategies

I really like these Palace fleece crews, but I can’t really tell you why, which highlights my shortcomings as a writer more than any problems with the sweatshirt. I guess it’s because they're so simple and gray and have nice, smaller logos. Small embroidered logos on crew necks are one of my favorite branding strategies. Make an embroidered box logo and my inner hypebeast may just have me thinking about waiting in a line. Don’t lose any sleep over it though, my inner lazy piece of shit wins most of those internal struggles. And that's why I'm safely ensconced in my couch most days.

  • Struan

    Palace is the shit, they represent the British skate scene, not yolo swagins and the hypebitches

  • Gubbins

    Palace is cool n all but there are a lot of yolo dwagins hypebeasts that rep it in the UK because its cool. RUINING IT 4 THE LEGIT SKATERS