Fear Of God Is For Death Metalheads Who Just Discovered Codeine

Have you decided your new thing is definitely gonna be sweatpants and finally getting that gold tooth you’ve been talking about since 2008? Are you dating a girl that only listens to drill and dresses like a chola, but lives in the Valley with her mom? Keep your eye on her, she’ll leave the first opportunity she gets to touch Keef’s llama. Fuck all your friends that say you’re clearly biting Kanye’s style and head straight over to Fear of God to get your death metalhead that just discovered codeine on. EXPERIMENTATION IS FUN AND KEY TO DEVELOPING YOUR OWN STYLE. But I’m still gonna tease you about wearing these leather kilt things. But I won’t make fun of the side vents on the hoodies. I FUCKING LOVE SIDE ZIPPERS.

  • RG

    Finally, someone understands me.

  • RG

    yelawolf x rick owens

    • lawrences


  • http://redroserugby.tumblr.com/ E.S

    Is that the dude from all the Lana del Rey videos??

    • lawrences

      Yeah, that’s him.

  • Louis

    The skilts are taking over yo! H&M will be on this by 2013

  • Jordan

    ummmmm…. no. If I wanted to dress like that I could do it myself. I don’t need a designer to cut up some sweatshirts and have non intricate stitching patterns on the flannels. Just because you look bad in clothes does not mean that’s style.

  • Syloe

    real talk, im actually feelin that kilt look. dunno if ill rock it but definitely coppin the hoodies with the side zips. Too fresh!!

  • Tjay

    Skilt x Grills x Gauges x Sweats x Tats? Dude’s like a Down South cozy boy version of that guy from the band Motionless in White.