Festive, But, Like, Not Shitty

Smarten the fuck up because it's the season for festive outfits, both in and outside of the #menswear community. And while, the word "festive" may bring to mind all sorts of hideous polyester, we’re talking black tie, Belgian loafers and fancy pants attire for parties with your begrudgingly beloved family and colleagues. In case you've been asleep, or awake and reading way shittier blogs, we've hit our stride with a new generation of more hybridized clothing, but it still pays to make a holiday statement by remaining traditional. Anyway, the point is that you need a killer dinner jacket and Ami has kind of solved all your conundrums with its latest take. With modern proportions and a killer fit, you’re guaranteed to be stuffing something other than turkey under the mistletoe (gross).

  • WAVY

    Coulda been dope but this biatch is way Too $hort

    • nerd-182

      agreed, this thom browne ultra short shit is kinda played out and plus if you want “traditional” then that kinda cut isn’t really what you need.

  • OK_ok


    That´s what´s up. Glad you guys finally saw the opportunity of actually making affiliate-cash on all that free PR you´ve done. Keep grindin.

  • you.know.it

    lapels on that thing are horrible.