Finally An Excuse To Eat Snacks From Your Childhood

Check out this new, super luxe "Bodega Bag" from #dope #leather #swag #trill purveyors Stampd. Now I know what you're thinking, "Yo Four Pins, why the fuck would I ever need a $140 lunch bag?" Well, sit back for a moment and let me bless you with some logic. For one, a leather lunch bag might just force you to bring your lunch from home and stop you from spending $17 a day on Cesar salads that tastes like shit. Two, how long have you been waiting for an excuse to eat all the amazing snack foods from your childhood? Just don't get too carried away with the whole "brown bagging" thing because this is still super expensive and it would really suck if a Gogurt tube exploded all over the inside.

  • Carl

    What a lame Jil Sander rip-off :(

    • queb

      They even made a smaller version just like Jil Sander did. But see, the sawtooth edges at the top make it an “irreverent” street wear bag.

  • cliff

    if you either a: the kind of person who refuses to take a packed lunch to work because you can’t find the proper accessory or b: think you need a 140 dollar excuse to eat a roll up, i suggest you save that 140 dollars for further therapy your probably already receiving .

  • Hoe Ass Bitch

    You think the guys at Four-Pins would be the first to say something about the Jil Sander rip