Fire The Copywriters

Let me start by questioning my own fashun knowledge, and apparent lack thereof—what exactly the fuck is a Mac shirt? Surely Club Monaco meant "Mac jacket," or, simply, "Mac," right? I hope I didn't just get a copywriter fired. But back to what's really important, this jacket is a pretty great alternative to an actual Mackintosh jacket assuming you're not this kid. CM even tossed in some upgrades like oversized slash pockets to make dealing drugs just a tad bit easier on you. I'm not saying Club Monaco condones the sale of illegal substances, I'm just saying they really do think of everything!

  • MaG™

    nah, D. they condone that sh*t. heeeeelllloo? they’re called Club Monaco. mad drug innuendo in the name alone.

  • Art

    What the fuck is going on with this site? Who’s going to deal with this shitty navigation for long?

    • Dave s

      You sir are correct. Four pins is the best written fashion blog in the universe. However , it does have the very worst fucking nav of any site on the web. I love how, if you play your cards right, the site will stick if you slide up a photograph in to just the right place on your pad. That happens often, requiring refresh. They obviously don’t actually use the site. I mean fuck , there are Albanian porn sites featuring donkeys that are easier to navigate than four pins. But don’t ask me how I know.