My First Fashion Week: A Diary

So, basically two days before New York Fashion Week was about to start, my Editor-in-chief forwards me an email inviting me to Michael Bastian’s show because I had written this post that, naturally, was so goddamn hilarious I just had to be on the guest list. He was all, “Too bad you’re in fucking Detroit, dickbag.” Homie was essentially double dog daring me to come to NYC for the week of the fashions. WELL, I CALLED HIS BLUFF AND I WAS OUT THERE IN A HOT MINUTE. This is the diary of my first New York Fashion Week. You think you know, but you have no idea.

  • Stjepan

    This post is the reason why this site is the greatest.

  • ℒℴѵℯ ..Nabil

    Haha this was quite the laugh i needed for the day!

  • Felson

    best nyfw report i’ve read. hope you feel better Jon!

  • Felson

    best nyfw report i’ve read. hope you feel better Jon!

  • Angelo

    BK original chicken sammy is the move

  • PAIN

    Jon you are far too old to be writing in such a manner, have some self respect.

    • Nick Grant

      shut up hoe

      • PAIN


  • Paul

    i agree with Pain

    • Jon

      I don’t agree with you or Pain. Also Pain, you are too old to call yourself Pain.

      • Kevin


  • Keena

    I laughed so hard a tear fell! Best commentary since Tavi and that’s a compliment cause she’s the boss of her niche.

    But really: Who do I have to talk to about the usability of your mobile site?! I’m talking iphone. That shit is THEE worst. There’s so much I want to read/see, but I can only stomach it from a desktop. Seriously, I will write a letter to the person in charge of it. I can’t be the only one. Do we need a petition?

  • prickasso

    Excuse the real talk, but do you want to know the reason you’re the best writer on this site? You don’t take yourself too seriously. I know that’s a v vvvv cliche expression, but men’s style blogging and an inflated sense of self-worth go together like baking soda and vinegar, exploding in a third grade science fair volcano of douchiness. (woof, that was convoluted)

    I guess what I’m trying to say here is that for better or worse, men’s fashion is often looked down upon for being vain and indulgent and out-of-touch, so maintaining a level of self-deprecating realness is crucial. It’s also important for a site like Four Pins to be aspirational, but as long as you guys keep on featuring $1,000+ jackets that I could never buy in my wildest fuckboi dreams, I think you’ve got that covered.

  • OZ

    GREATNESS. died of laughter. props. keep up the good work bruh.

  • Is this

    wow… Thank you Jon…

  • swagswag


  • FilleyOfSole

    Jon’s pretty much the best.

  • Bongo Muffin

    Jon Moy is the Dave Chapelle of the menswear world


    You Da Best Mane! You Deed It!!!!

  • Woofs Mackenzie

    Damn son, take care of dem grotty fingernails.

  • BlaiseKruse

    That picture with the valium drawing though. I’m in tears.

  • Alex

    Jon Moy you are yeezus

  • VH

    Died at the Make A Wish foundation bit.