This Is (Apparently) The First Sneaker Kanye West Ever Designed For Adidas

Sorry if that headline was a bit misleading, but we we need to cop these clicks, so deal with it. That's just how the Internet works. Unplug your router and dip to Jackson Hole if you've got beef. So, earlier today, Kanye's friend/barber/coattail rider Ibn Jasper Instagrammed a photo of the Adidas ZX 850, which at first just looks like a regular ol' Adidas trainer. But Ibn did us the courtesy of explaining in his caption that Kanye actually designed the sneaker 8 years ago for Reebok. Then, when Adidas bought Reebok in 2011, the 3 stripes were added and the ZX 850 became the signature sneaker for soccer great David Beckham. The bottom line? Technically—technically—this apparently is the first Kanye West x Adidas sneaker, even if we are all still anxiously waiting to see the official collaboration later this year. And, keep in mind, this is all based off of what Ibn is saying, so, yeah, grain of salt officially ingested.

Update: Ibn has taken to Instagram to defend his claims. You can see him make his case above.

  • Doge

    LOL NO FACTS WRONG EVERYWHERE. ALL THE X50s are modelled on OG ZX series models and this is a remodelling of the ZX 800 that released in the late 80s. FACTS PLEASE.

  • Guest

    Jake Woolf the type of wasp to have a google news alert on his imaginary boyfriend LMAO

  • moeskibum23


  • Roelio G

    I wouldn’t be amazed if this is just anuvva yeezy colourway. that’s probably why the picture is in black/white in the first place.