Fishing Is Wild Boring

Danish brand S.N.S. Herning has been producing knitwear for fishermen since 1941 and their garments are still crafted to those exact standards today even though you probably never plan on going fishing in your entire life because that shit is wild boring, especially considering Twitter has irreparably damaged our collective attention span. Did you even make it through that sentence? Be honest. This stark navy blue cardigan is made from 100% virgin wool, constructed with an insulating waffle-knit and strikes a great balance between keeping you warm and kitted the fuck out. Buy the cardigan for $252. I mean, what are you saving up for? Fucking worms?

  • MaG

    if the sweater also makes your hair look like that, I would like to have it. The sentence was wild long, but I read it, tho. but, 200 beans? sh*t, i’ll wait till someone actually goes fishing with it, f*cks it up, and sends it to a vintage shop. then i’ll cop it for like, 100. score! leaves me room to buy worms.

  • Ken P

    been had starks, styleforum bruh

  • Braeza

    can’t even front i skimmed the first sentence, then saw the twitter sass and had to go back and read. OBLIGATION READ.

    • lawrences

      Bless, bless.