Flow Team

You guys, you definitely need to send in some sponsor tapes to FairEnds to try and get on their flow team. You guys ever make it onto a flow team? I knew one kid who used to get wheels sent to him by the fucking box-load, but that bitch never shared shit. He only gave away stickers. So, if you do get on a company's flow team, please don't forget the homies. Anyways, these caps are ripstop nylon. Ripstop stitching is kinda like the technical version of a sashiko stitch: visually interesting, while simultaneously serving a practical purpose. TOO BAD YOUR BOSS CAN'T SAY THE SAME THING ABOUT YOU AND YOUR OSTENTATIOUS ALPHET.

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  1. BigSpense$

    fairends has a strangle hold on the normal dude plain guy simple hat they can do no wrong. but what ever happend to flexfit?im remember seeing them at PacSun as a kid. i feel like any day now its going to come back and im going to see some dude with the flat brim flexfit looking like he races dirtbikes with Carey Hart.


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