Anonymous Ism isn't the weirdest brand name name ever, but that last "ism"part is strange. I guess I can look beyond it because these ankle socks ain’t half bad. I was gonna say these footsicles have a nice mélange to them, but evidently they are bouclé. I SHOULD’VE LOOKED THAT SHIT UP ON STYLEFORUM. THOSE DUDES DROP KNOWLEDGE OVER THERE. They also try and get, like, 75% retail for a "slightly worn" Junya shirt from '08. DO THEY KNOW HOW DEPRECIATION WORKS? YOU BUY A CAR FOR $30,000 DOLLARS AND IT'S WORTH $15,500 THE MINUTE YOU SIT IN IT. You can’t get half your money back on a shirt that you wore while masturbating to animated porn.

3 Responses to “Footsicles”

  1. Dave s

    Dude, these could be made of baby seal fur with electric eel intestines as the elastic bands. That would not change the fact that they’re fucking ankle socks. And they’re being written about on a fashion blog. Fucking ankle socks. Orange ankle socks.

  2. bob shields moose

    Yeah SF… or I mean SyFo, not SuFu has some outrageous shit on it. take this dude:, apparently now banned and posts deleted from styleforum. Was posting some good deals. Good deals??? He’s selling crotch blown APCs for retail plus $115!!! I feel offended that someone, somewhere, somehow, sometime ….something… might buy these.


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