Whether you spent the night chanting "four more years!" while popping bottles of Rosé or crying four more tears into a glass of white zinfandel, the results are in and the only guy who counts Jay-Z as his weed carrier is back for the sequel—Yes We Can: Requiem for a Dream. There's no denying that Barack Obama is probably our nation's coolest President ever, but that's like being the sexiest Pope of all time. It's crazy to think that a guy who at one point lamped this fucking hard is now your basic, every day swagless American dad. It's hard to say if America is on a road to recovery or going to hell in a socialist handbasket, but one thing is for sure—we're all in for another term of pedestrian style from a guy who most certainly can do better. All policy aside, here's what the next four years are looking like.

15 Responses to “FOUR MORE YEARS!”

  1. Max G.

    I’d like to point out that President Obama’s suits are Martin Greenfield bespoke. Swagless? I think not.

    • Jian DeLeon Jian

      He also wears a lot of Hart Schaffner Marx. Gotta stay loyal to his Chi-town roots. Or as the Republicans call his suits: Hart Schaffner MARXIST.

      • 'kiss

        max there’s no way marty greenfield is making dem suits. they’re HSM… off the rack.

  2. JFK

    “This Muslim jerkoff is going to take away my guns AND use my taxes to fund his secret terrorist lightsaber development agenda!” – White America


  3. Ashley

    “Dude can ball, but refuses to ball out when doing so. This guy makes $400,000 a year, yet he refuses to buy new sneakers. You’re telling me Eastbay doesn’t get delivered to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?”

  4. A Girl

    Let’s be honest: if Obama started wearing exquisitely-tailored suits and rocking denim even a pinch more fitted, he would be crucified for being “too cool” or trying too hard, mad b*tches would start trying to sneak into the White House (and Michelle doesn’t fuck around), and shit would get really JFK. And that didn’t end well.

    Dad jeans are great for bipartisanship. Old, raisiny Republican white senators would have a fucking hay day with his “gay jeans”. Let him live.

    • Tjay

      I agree 100%. Even though it wouldn’t hurt for him to wear a suit that actually fit at least once in a while…

  5. xavier

    Funny article. But whats been written about Obama and his sportswear is painfully ignorant, which is understandable considering this is a menswear website. Nonetheless, Obama has pairs of Under Armour PEs that he balls in which would most definitely impress. And your comment regarding starter jackets is obviously subjective, but the fact he is wearing nothing close to a starter jacket and is simply wearing a windbreaker doesn’t exactly speak towards the authors credibility…

  6. David

    He is not the coolest president ever. Dubyah, JFK, and Reagan were way cooler.

  7. tayloerh

    This article sucks, OBAMA is soooo cool and lightsabers are dope


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