The Four Pins 2014 Worst New Menswear Designers In America

We're pleased to announce the first ever Four Pins Worst New Menswear Designers in America nominations, given to the designers across the nation that have proven their unique abilities to craft terrible, ill-fitting and morally questionable garments for a generation of men that don't give even a single fuck about their wardrobe. This year's crop of designers are so promisingly bad that they reach beyond the borders of America all the way to London in the form of one Brandon Sales (although the Internet is where he truly calls home).

Other names in the mix include Sendhil Chaudury, the revolutionary name behind Bushwick Bespoke Tailoring & Sons (and Daughters), purveyor of the world's first printable pocket squares. In the past few seasons, he's branched out into fine, handmade tailoring and cultivated an almost cult-like following of people desperate for his unique perspective on the casual suit. Then there's Jefferson Smith and Braxton Bullock of Mason & Dixon, who pay homage to their Confederate roots with rugged Americana that evokes a clear sense of pride and ownership. The underdog here, if there is one, is Chad "The Hammer" Morris, whose label of tees and tanks has catapulted him to the forefront of Jersey Shore bro club life and beach culture.

As part of their nomination, each of these designers will be given the illustrious opportunity to design a capsule collection for legendary retailer Jos. A. Bank and a $5 giftcard to Men's Wearhouse. In true Jos. A. Bank fashion, buying just one of the pieces nets you the entire collaboration for free. Finally, people everywhere will have the opportunity to own a piece of design genius without the hefty price tag. Ahead, meet the men behind the brands and see why they truly deserve this prestigious honor.

  • pittalo

    Where’s Mega?

  • WolvesAteMyDad

    No love for Hudson NYC, leading provider of sublimated tees and zipper-off faux leather sleeves to lames everywhere?

  • christopher carey

    shouts out to BSales the biggest fuckboy on the planet

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        the irony

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    Where’s Virgil on this list?

    • Dillon

      He´s like that 7-star hotel in Dubai or those Saudi oil guys not appearing on Forbes lists… he´s not even eligible for the list – he´s beyond the list

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    “Est. literally 5 minutes ago”


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    Dis shit smell like April Fools