The Anatomy Of A Supreme Drop

As much as Supreme's been arguably the most consistent streetwear brand during their illustrious 20 year history, they have changed. They've grown, they've become more popular, and they've even lost a bit of their skateboarding roots. But all of that is okay because, at the end of the day, the one thing they haven't lost is customers. Every Thursday at Supreme is a sort of a mini-holiday, as fans line up for whatever new T-shirt, hoodie or sneaker is dropping, but when a new collection is released it's a full-blown celebration.

The question everyone always has when they see the long lines, starting on Lafayette St., often wrapped around two corners onto Crosby, is: Who the hell are all these people and why aren't they at work? We wanted delve into that more than anything, so we posted up outside the store yesterday during the S/S 14 collection release and turned the camera on those who make up the cult of Supreme.

  • Young Scooter

    Fucking hypebeasts makes me sick

  • Carlo

    They all seem really down to earth and chill, tbh

    • Lawrence

      right? hypebeasts are pretty harmless in person.

  • patricia estrella

    Why is that guy so goddamn apologetic about being a hypebeast? I mean… shit, at least he can admit it.

  • Matt

    This is really cool, keep doing this.

  • Cool Ethan

    The guy who apologizes at the end makes it seem like “Yeah, we’re all in line for Sybian porn. You caught us. We can’t help it. We need it.”

  • NP10

    those Asian hypebeast girls tho…

  • Rohan

    “Playboy football top”

  • Itsnotgood


  • fuccboi 1000

    love the joakim noah cameo tho.

  • myles

    I Just Cried

  • Mr. Three Chainz

    Playboy Jersey? That shit is whack

  • azhole

    so, they interviewed everyone that cut in line at NYC….

  • Millz_Jr

    loving the shark hoodies

  • guest

    get rid of all the asians and there’s no problem.


    I just got home an hour ago from waiting in line over at the Fairfax shop in LA and when I was exiting the store there was still a long line. I didn’t expect to be in a line for 2 hours, i thought it would of died down because two days have passed since the drop of S/S 14, but man people were still camping out and waiting in line.

  • Miles

    Is it just me or is the beat at the end going fuccboii fuccboii fuccboii

  • KennyX93

    I’m in love with the Asian girl. And I’m not even into them.

  • Jackin it

    Pssht, what a bunch of little pleb fuccbois with zero taste. Just proves how low-end Supreme really is.

  • GhostOfWilfordBrimleysMustache

    Im not entirely sure when Supreme became such a fashion icon, but damn going from a skate shop that caters to grungy dudes who just like to ride shred sleds, to dudes who do not own a skateboard (mostly) good for them. Money is cool. And if I could build an empire as a skateshop I wold in a heart beat