Four Pins On The Street At New York Fashion Week: Part II

In case your mom hasn't told you yet, we're doing videos now. Be sure to check out Part I of our "On The Street" series here.

  • bmac

    What is the name of that first track slumpin!?

  • fuckyall

    nigga with the cracodile head killin it

  • chingy

    dude at 1:30 was frikkin gnarly.

  • obh

    3rd guy goes hard haha

  • serian

    king josh pesko yeah

  • c c

    what’s the brand of Jake’s jacket?

    • Perhaps.

      Nom de guerre

  • Matt

    No more Jake Gallagher please. We’ve seen all the Peter Jackson movies, no need for more frodo. #hatetrainpullingintothestation #toottoot

  • balls

    don’t be defined by the brands you wear.

  • marcus

    they’re all lying. all that shit is j crew.


    I really want the 4th dude’s drapey thing from Milan.

  • Josh

    lol josh p shoulda just ended with “I’m wearing a hat.”

  • Josh

    PENELOPE VAN PAPSCHMERE IS FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS (except for the alligator)…

  • felix

    why do you guys make fake names for people you ridicule lol. you guys are having too much fun.