Four Pins On The Street At New York Fashion Week: Part I

We love street style as much as the next #menswear devotee, but don't you ever wonder what the fuck these people were thinking when they decide to get dressed up for New York Fashion Week? Well, with the help of some brand new technology called "moving pictures," we're finally ready to answer a few of the great mysteries of the street style universe. We hit up Lincoln Center aka the steez capital of the world aka the fuccboi capital of the world to ask some people about their alphets. Here's what went down.

  • YungYung

    pretty lame backround music tbh guys where are migos??

  • OK_ok

    How suprising all these people had voices that pitched higher at the end of each sentence.

  • Stjepan

    keep up the good work

  • pee pants

    keep video segments coming

  • Ken P

    This needs to happen everyday

  • fuccyouraunty

    keep doin this. those niggas wack tho tryin too hard

  • fuccyouraunty

    lmao at duck martin

  • Crawford Roark

    Woost gives 0 fucks

  • Yes.

    I fucks widit.

  • 92

    do more

  • chingy

    keep em coming.

  • Nerd


    But yeah, I definitely appreciated this. Maybe we could get the same kinda format around the Four-Pins office on a semi-regular basis? I’d like to see what kind of whack shit these interns you keep blasting actually wear.


    Nothing special here boys, and what’s so cool about dirty Chuck Taylors and fake leather jackets?

  • 2chainz


  • jsf bkn

    oi str8 up i’m a composer nd i love four-pins hmu ill write u guys some original music that goes hard

    u got my email

  • Whoops

    TerRio kills all these tryhards. No ralph tho?

  • DMac

    Anyone else crack up at how proud the Ted Baker boi was on “head to toe as they say”

    • Steph Jones

      That annoying fucker

    • WhenToWear

      Ted to toe

  • Ben Gallagher

    what’s your favourite brand ?….

  • Sartorial Mess

    weird and geeky

  • Joost

    WUT, Wooster isn’t even as cocky as he seems :

  • ℒℴѵℯ ..Nabil

    I like it..