Four Pins Style Icon Of The Year 2013: Brandon Sales

In a year that saw a myriad of trends and garments take the men's fashion world by storm, one person stood head and shoulders above the rest as the year's one true icon of style. While it could be argued that Kanye West had his strongest year in clothing ever, collaborating with A.P.C. and signing a reportedly $10 Million deal with Adidas, at the end of the day, Kanye's iconic status transcends just clothes into a larger cultural discussion. Then there's Drake, whose throwback Dada fits and Jordan deal solidified the artist as a force within the clothing game. But at the end of the day, his primary talents remain his soulful melodies and introspective rhymes. That's why we've nominated an icon whose clothing speaks more than they ever could, none other than the gawd Brandon Sales.

We first discovered Brandon back in July and told you that his Hypebeast ways were "ruining everything". But we were wrong, oh so so wrong. Then again, how could we have never known how blessed we truly were to discover this beacon of hope and angelic futuristic swag? His clothing collection is forever expanding like the universe itself. The fashion risks he takes are unparalleled. His trend adoption speeds are world class. If you see a flashy piece of the clothing on the runway or Kanye West, you can bet on it appearing on B-Sales's Instagram within the half-hour. He is someone whose style is larger than life, and whose life is a blessing to us all. Above we've cataloged his most stylish moments of the year, proving once and for all that B-Sales deserves to be the world's one true style savior. *1 Million Praying Hands Emojis For Your Ass*



  • NP10


  • Oh Nao

    Guys!! He’s going to think this is serious!! Also can we talk about his facial hair

    • About ittttt

      Look at his instagraam lawwl, lil bitch thinks hes kanye

  • ScreenTalkerOrg

    So because some little rich kid can buy every overpriced sweat shop article of clothing, makes him your style icon?! You guys need to get off the the internet and take a walk down the street, just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it looks good.

    • dubsee

      who else will keep the industry running. b-sales, runnin the sales.

    • Luke

      Do you maybe think they may be taking the piss ?

      • ScreenTalkerOrg

        But he sees this and doesn’t think that. Put his face on the internet for dressing like a spoiled street rat and you’re making another Kardashian.

    • Deff


      • ScreenTalkerOrg

        Sarcasm when this dipshit gets a handful of posts on this site in the last year? Feeding the hypebeast does not discourage it from continuing on in it’s douchebaggery ways.

        • blubberberry

          do you want your instagram to be featured here? why the fuck you you even have to care? just enjoy the post and have a good laugh

        • Woofs Mackenzie

          Shhhh he’ll hear you don’t ruin this for me

    • jggd

      …and you’re dumb

  • huiche7


  • DDDD


  • sackthat

    1 of the ugliest cuntz ive ever seen

  • Shwin

    Most sarcastic article I’ve ever seen hahahaha

  • biyah

    b sales in this biche

  • connor

    Many fashionz
    Very styles
    Such white kanye
    Much superior being

    • Guess…t


  • SongbirdTEG

    Okay, number 10 is hilarious. LOL

  • Dick Rooster

    Dat half sweatshirt on 13 tho….

    • Revelations

      LMAOOO Bruh that shit lame as hell, I’m weak

  • fuccyouraunty

    I loled as soon as I read the title. fuck this fuccboi I remember him from NT days

  • Michele D’Agnillo


  • art

    Fucking Fag swag, that shit doesn’t fly down south….looking like a fucking clown

  • guest

    probably fourpins writers get this joke but outside this could be read as youre serious. anyway i think noone should comment on brandon posts maybe the sites realize we dont care about him

  • ScreenTalkerOrg

    I could not care less about the who and whys of this kid, but feeding the hypebeast does not discourage it from continuing on in it’s douchebaggery ways.

    • blubberberry

      once again, if you don’t care, you don’t have to comment. this proves that you do, in fact, care.

    • Kevin

      If you don’t care why have you commented FOUR times? youuuu maadddd

  • Michelle Obama

    internet bullying is good



  • Kang Gineaux

    In all seriousness, The majority of the stuff he wears is dope. I don’t see why all the hate and vitrol is necessary , or deserved.

  • WallySean

    Brandon Sales is to fashion genius as George Washington is to 18th century political revolutions

  • stickycunt

    What is the tee Brandon is wearing on slide 14, or anything similar ?

  • Notafuccboi

    Certified fuccboi


    haha YES !! Four Pins has just jumped to the top of my blog list. FINALLY someone recognises the STYLE GAWD that is Brandon Sales. haha

    Been laughing at his instagrams for awhile now. someone needs to give this guy a reality check and hopefully this article will do so. Actually prob not LOOK AT THE GUY

  • ol greg

    his girl got a dirt lip

  • go yard

    Awww damn you guys didn’t think it be appropriate to post pictures of him rocking with her his**& goyard tote haha

  • KookingYou


  • cmcollection

    This article is funny as hell. Some of the pieces he wears really aren’t that bad. If you guys are interested in fashion you should check out

    • Woofs Mackenzie

      Gargle my balls

  • Jesse


  • anon lol

    the thick fuck thought this was serious – DICKHEAD

  • Svpplyv

    I HAVE FACTs..

    I know his bruv from school

    1.Brandon lives with his grandma lol
    2.his family aint rich, he just peddles shit on ebay and spanks credit cards.
    3. He actually is attempting rap music right now hahha

    • Ross

      LAWWWWD if this is truth HA

  • Ross

    Did he spray paint those Jordan IV’s??

  • See C

    lmao that caption on 12… and 14 an attempt at a street style shot… taken by his friend definitely

  • Guess…t

    This is shady yall :/ lol

  • IBangWSHHoneys

    @40ozvan is a faggot . not humble at all he could suck my dick

  • howl

    #luxuryexcellence – whyd idn’t i think o that

  • Guest

    menswear messiah. i wonder if he too was born in a manger.

    but seriously, this reminded me of Pfork’s review of yeezus. not sure which was worse.

  • Smfh

    This shit pains me

  • Jay

    Jake Woolf is an asshole. Brandon is a rich asshole.

    • kingdomkomes

      he aint rich he borrows clothes

  • Maison..

    youre giving him hope.. no Brit deserves hope..

  • noblemobile

    Now, I’m truly convinced that his parents are investing significant funds in this website.

  • kingdomkomes

    he’s not a rich kid he lives with his mum and grandparents he snaps pics of his friends clothes and picks these friends oh so finely. or he borrows the clothes he gives this facade that hes got money when he aint, he actually believes this article is real

  • ReggiNword

    I got 3 things to say
    1 bassicly this kid does anything kanye tells him too ?
    2 your name is brand on sale(s), are his parents the ultimate hypebeasts ?
    so bassicly all you need is lots and lots of cash ?

  • jake

    at least this kid isnt sat at home on masterbating and eating his own dandruff like i imagine most the four pins readership are. ye he looks like a bit of a div but hes a young kid dusting a few hoes and doing what puts a smile on his face.