Your Friends Are Too Cheap To Buy Weight

Have you ever needed to do some dirt, but your Nike ACG boots were nowhere to be found? Well now you can get some murdered out Wallows to wear while you do shit you shouldn’t be doing, like robbing the local drug kingpin based on the theory that he can’t call the police to report you. He will hire a few guys that will rip your arms off for, like, $575, but no cops, so that’s good. Or, you know, you can just rock these on a normal Tuesday and not risk getting your arms ripped off. Seriously, robbing drug dealers isn’t a great idea unless you want fifteen PS3s and some drugs. A dealer’s money is always tied up in business assets—namely drugs—and they don’t have a lot of liquid capital just laying around. So if you do rob them, you'll have to figure out how to sell the drugs yourself and last time I check your friends were too cheap to buy weight.

  • 10010100101010

    why are you calling them “wallows”

    • thetrilltroll

      that’s what they’re called on the streets bruh

      • cozyKev

        nawl its just wallys

        • thetrilltroll

          “Man she spilled a drink on my cream Wallows”

  • Ghostface Killah’s Gucci Durag

    Yo God, get ya lessons par. My dude “Wallows” be dat George-Zimmerman-Slang-Editorial cipher whatever whatevers, betta known as Wallabee Clarks, son. Shout out to dem crazy Dreds that schooled the God on this shits, par. Blue and Cream. P-E-A-C-E.

  • MT

    Wallows, comfortable, chocolate frosting/ your socks hangin out/ your’s is talkin.


    those are some ugly shoes.