Stop the presses ya'll, Yohji Yamamoto just sonned the shit out of every high-fashion sneaker in the game. I've written about a couple of fashion kicks on here before, but only because I had to (gotta eat, man). That said, I am genuinely psyched about these joints. High Snob gives us an exclusive preview of the Y-3 Qasa, a new sneaker that'll debut in their F/W 13 collection and it's essentially a Nike Roshe Run on some crazy FutureSex/LuxeSounds shit. And if you're not sold just keep staring at them until you finally realize how beautiful they are.

  • tomFORD

    Dope.. must have.

  • human_beeing


  • andre

    Yeah, i’m sold.

  • Jpz

    Where do I purchase

  • Dave s

    I think I’m turning Japanese.

  • Master Roshi

    Luxe Roshes ?

  • L_ee

    If only I had the goth ninja game to go with these. . .

  • David Zimmerman

    whack, you a ninja or something?

  • http://www.facebook.com/davidsgarren Dave Outlast

    this is the first thing i’ve seen that makes the urbangothnĂĽwaveninja look appealing.

  • http://twitter.com/YvesCervantes Yves Cervan†es

    the laces kinda bother me