Futuristic Mannequins Completely Remove The Need For Annoying Sales Associates

Guys, technology is fucking crazy. I'm currently writing this from 30,000 feet above my haters on a Delta flight to Georgia to drive around a bunch of Escalades for a couple days. Random as fuck, right? Either way, my flourish is at an all time high. Speaking of technological advances, check out these new mannequins called VMBeacon, which can connect to a person's smartphone to give customers information about the products featured. This is excellent because it basically removes the need for any and all annoying sales associates, which are by far the worst part of any shopping experience. Like, thank you, Derrick, for informing me that floral print outerwear is a big trend this season and that navy blue and black actually can be worn together. I DO THIS SHIT FOR A LIVING, BREH. I DONT NEED YOUR WEAK ASS GUIDANCE. Sorry guys, futuristic blogging and #influencer press trips have already gone to my head.

  • michael jordan

    this is another one of those programs that unless it works perfectly, it’s essentially fucking useless. like siri. or any vocal recognition software
    probably more trouble than it’s worth

  • Dan

    Come turn up in midtown tonight!

  • London Calling

    On a serious note, won’t this be taking jobs away from people?

  • Maison Margiela The 23rd

    This is retarted breh! (fashion kids loving using those words) she couldn’t just check the tags?