Gap’s New Retail Concept Is More Than Random Piles Of Strewn About Clothing

Gap just announced their new "Lived In" store concept, which basically means they've created a retail space that appears to be more local and artisinal and not like it was erected overnight in the middle of your high school cafeteria using discount Ikea furniture. I gotta say, I think this is a good move for Gap, although I can't seem to shake the idea that they should probably just go ahead and do this for all of their stores. Clearly, similar methods worked for J.Crew, which is sonning Gap by not only having better product, but proving that people are willing to pay $20 more for a pleasurable in-store experience (not to mention khakis that actually fit). Plus, if the whole giant store filled to the brim with random piles of strewn about clothing thing isn't working out, then maybe the best option is simply downsizing and focusing their attention on a smaller number of goods and square footage. Shouts to my Bachelor Of Business Administration from a design school.

  • fuckshit

    they’re not fooling anyone

  • connor

    not enought product on display for them to make any money on a store like this

  • Yung Existential

    visvim-ass storefront

  • Dan

    its actually kind of decent, might be too little too late but it’s still a nice look.

  • danceman

    too bad all their clothes feel like theyre made out of paper mache

  • Adam

    Complete ripoff of the Unis Store…

  • Larry Thompson

    Store fronts do not necessarily equate stylish or quality garments.

  • SteƱ

    Gap hasn’t been fucking around lately, actually making good clothes and now this. Hopefully they can change the publics view about them. I have a homie who is the only person who I’ve seen pull off Americana normcore and not look like a dweeb and he’s up in the gap all the time wit dem coupons on deck.