Gentle Influence

I'll level with you. When it comes to graphic T-shirts, the only thing I ever consider is the aesthetic nature of the graphic. If you even think for a second I'm actually reading shit for subversive messaging and all that nonsense, you can kindly get your entire life all the way the fuck outta here. Besides, at this point in the streetwear game, everything is so deep within its own vacuum that keeping up is straight exhausting. That's exactly why I like these Palace T-shirts—the graphic design, purely on a superficial level, is interesting to me and my personal tastes, while the general idea that Palace is a cool brand gives me that gentle influence I need to actually hit reply all cop.

  • booboobb

    detroit changed london is about detroit techno… do ur fucking facts four-pins u blog hype fuck sticks

    • Lawrence

      It’s Friday. Chill the fuck out, dude. Nobody cares.

    • pdoughbrie

      The shirts say “Detroit Chicago London.” That’s a cool thing that you made up to explain some else’s misread while exposing yourself as a pretentious sociopath.

      • Lawrence

        AMAZING. Fixed.


    #16 I see you with that Sharingan influence Palace

  • Patrick Bong

    Sometimes the amount of fucking cursing on four-pins is too fucking much. It makes your shit sound too fucking contrived sometimes. I like to read the shit on here, but sometimes i feel like it’s being written by a fucking 16 year-old that really wants attention.

    • Aaron

      I fucking concur.