Get Hammered Off Mint Juleps On Derby Day In Supreme x Brooks Brothers

We speculated on the possibility of Supreme x Brooks Brothers a few weeks back, and now the shit is highly official. The limited offering consists of one seersucker suit and an accompanying seersucker bucket hat—in essence, the perfect alphet if you're looking to get drunk as fuck while watching the Kentucky Derby this upcoming Sunday. As shown in the above lookbook, the best way to drink mint juleps, eat barbeque and celebrate your 1%er status like any good American is to wear your suit with a white polo, while the bucket hat and sneakers let everyone know you don't exactly "play by the rules." No, you wait in line like a bad muthafucka and cop a $550 dollar suit and $68 bucket hat, then puke on them a couple days later. Supreme x Brooks Brothers drops May 1.

  • Nerd

    slide 1 analysis : weird that they have chosen a lesbian to model menswear but im not about that gender discrimination so fine. im a level 7 vegan of peta i fuck with morality eat ur greens kids

    • Nerd

      pls tho make sure u get ur mom to check for the fair trade label on ur broccoli we need american farmers to get american value 4 their hi quality produce alright good hustle

      • Nerd

        p.s. this whole collection is garbage and if you buy this suit i hope they bury you in it shortly after you get beaten to death by the fashion police you fuckin thirstlords

  • nerd-182

    Looks like some off brand shit you’d buy in seperates at kohl’s and that one weird dude in your neighborhood would wear every other day to work as it increasingly frayed and fell apart.

  • brutus

    What percentage of these suits will be worn with the box logo sleeve tag still on?

    • nerd-182


  • Yes.

    I can’t wait to see the horrendous fitpics.

  • Brohji

    just in time for high school prom so pimply teenage boys can maybe get their dick grinded on by some becky to YG songs. just try not to get your premature ejaculate on your slacks.