Get The Pockets Out Of Your System

New Post Overalls drop at Gentry! New Post Overalls drop at Gentry! I think I just need to buy a shirt with a bunch of fucking pockets on it and get it out of my system or else you guys are gonna have to read a whole lot of unrelated tangents placed underneath 3-7 photos of a shirt with a lot of fucking pockets on it at least once a week. I would put a ten dollar bill in one of the pockets so that I'd forget about it and then remember it when I go to pay for that expensive ass flat white to go and make everyone wait because I have to go through 256 pockets before getting frustrated and just paying with my debit card only to realize on my way out the door that I moved the ten dollar bill to my jeans.

  • michael

    best run on sentence EVER , moy.

  • alejandro

    this has to be your long lost white brother

  • Austin

    My mans’s sandals/clogs/slippers are v swaggie