“Get Ready To Be Complimented Regularly”

Yo, I have to write about this brand because in their product description they straight up say: "Make one of these your own and get ready to be complimented regularly." THAT IS SOME COPYWRITING CONFIDENCE RIGHT THERE. Lust Ltd. isn't just saying that these accessories will garner a compliment or two. NOPE. You should expect the accessories equivalent of "what’s good ma?" ON THE REGULAR. The only comments I get regularly are: "STOP POSTING SHIT STUFF MOY [insert depressingly racist/homophobic slur]" in the comments. I heard Drake and Bron Bron wear this shit, so now you know where all their compliments are coming from.

  • Caste

    much clever use of the nail; such original

  • yung pistachio

    are these basically those wristbands that were popular with kids ten years ago?

  • fuckyall

    this ta shit jon moy would wear

  • WOW


  • Thomas McLeod

    So these are silicone Cartier love bracelet knockoffs? Fuck outta here.

  • an

    nail motifs so original