Getting Wasted On 3sixteen’s Dime

3sixteen just put up the pieces from their holiday collection, so, I guess, merry Christmas or whatever. Featuring two new shirts, two hoodies, boots and a pair of chinos in their slim tapered fit, this shit is pretty bangin' overall. I actually got to check out the hoodies the last time I was in New York aka I actually tried to steal a hoodie the last time I was in New York, which is kinda fucked up because despite the 3sixteen pop-up being super packed, Andrew and Johan were still being really friendly and introducing me to people. But it’s cool because they had an open bar later that night and I got wasted. Good looking, bros.

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    • connor

      i think those were a symbolic choice, suggesting that those who find their gear uninteresting and unappealing (most people i think) to kill themselves.


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