A Giant Airbrushed Caps Lock Button

FUCK, NONNATIVE JUST FUCKING MURDERED MY WHOLE HOODIE GAME. I literally just bought two sweatshirts with rare hemlines and zippers and shit and this fucking thing shows up?! An overdyed, extra-long cotton hoodie? R.I.P. LEAVE MY CASKET OPEN SO THEY CAN SEE MY DIAMONDS. YOUR BOY IS X__X. Eulogize me well, brothers. But please, no pouring forties out for your dead homie. Just get a memorial long tee airbrushed with: "REST IN POWER" on the front, "Sunrise 4/21, Sunset 3/6/14" on the left sleeve and a giant airbrushed caps lock button on the back. DON'T LET ME DIE IN VAIN, YOU FUCKS.

6 Responses to “A Giant Airbrushed Caps Lock Button”

  1. Dick Rooster

    Jeez Moy, I could feel the sweat condensing on your brow as I was reading this post. Intense.

  2. Nick Grant

    everyone notice how he didn’t put his birth year cuz he old af and didn’t want nobody to know it


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