How Girls Feel About Beyonce

This OrSlow T-shirt is such a summer essential. What makes this tee more essential than, say, your Hanes 5 pack? One, Japan. Two, indigo. Three, the side pocket. That left pocket near the hem is everything, my guys. EVERYTHING. I finally know how girls feel about Beyonce. I want to wear this shirt with some drop crotchy shorts that have raw hems and vibe like the samurai movies where the hero swordsmen is dressed like a drunken peasant in the opening scene until he cuts some brigand's head off. I would wear tabi shoes too, but I can't find a cool pair. Why can't someone make tabi shoes that are basically Y-3 Qasas, but with a split toe detail? INNANET, GET ON THAT SHIT.

  • Nerd

    i dont fuck with any non-crew necked t shirts homie

  • TJay

    uninterested at first cause i thought it was just a basic indigo t-shirt, got interested again once i saw the pocket near the hem, then uninterested all again once i noticed the v-neck

  • Amsterdamm

    Your link doesn’t work playboi, fix that shit up