Givenchy Jumps Their Own Shark

We get it, Givenchy. You guys were the cool kids on the block, but even cool kids get old and drop out of school eventually. Rappers and the fashion elite couldn't get enough of your graphic tees and hoodies and whatever else you guys threw a bunch of fucking stars on. And, yeah, it was dope. Those animal graphics, looking all fierce and ominous and shit in the beginning, are now constant reminders that Riccardo Tisci done ran out of ideas. Disagree? Literally combining elements from the past and smashing them all together onto one ridiculous looking T-shirt seems to speak otherwise. What was once the bastion of original, high-end streetwear has now been relegated to garish assembly line designs, proof that things can get stale real quick. So nut up and get your creative juices flowing again Ricardo because your iconic shark tee just closed the hype loop on itself like JGL extinguishing Bruce Willis.

  • Sam

    couldn’t disagree more. This t-shirts is amazing. Your aggressive writing seems to highlight your jealousy of probably not having one, which also masks that this is their mid-season shirt design. Meaning that in-between shows they have a pre-collection that drops. Remember they had the birds of paradise collection after the rottweiler one. Then they just dropped the religious season, and next will be something completely new. Also dont forget to mention they had their war planes and paisley prints too. Next time write the whole story and not focus on just one tee.

  • jay

    Yea, I’m gonna have to agree with Sam,
    This wasent even a good read. Even the titles stupid. Save your personal opinion for twitter, don’t try to force it on us via your articles.

    • lawrences

      Every single post on this site features an opinion. You can totally disagree, but let’s not get it twisted.

  • Richard

    I’ve been sleeping on grivenchy lately for obvious reasons but damm…. i like that T

  • EB

    Uhhh I’m going to have to disagree with this one; all the way down to Givenchy being the “bastion of high-end streetwear”. Sorry but you need more people bruh.

    • shnbz

      “We don’t believe you, you need more people!”