Givenchy Pre-Spring 2013 Is A Disgrace

Boy, people sure do love writing about Givenchy and their creative director Riccardo Tisci. I, myself, recently tried to line up an interview with the (rumored) Frank Ocean one night stand, but have since come to terms with the fact that probably won't happen because there's, like, a 12 layer PR shitcake I'd have to get through just to ask dude about his "religious inspiration". Besides, all you really need to know about Givenchy is that it fills the newly popular weird space between streetwear and high-fashion. Meaning, high-end prices and predominantly graphic-based appeal. Riccardo has previously stated he wants kids to save up to buy his clothes, which is perhaps THE signature hypebeast behavior. With that in mind, it's pretty hard to imagine anyone, young or old, wearing Givenchy's new Pre-Spring 2013 collection. For starters, absent is Tisci's characteristic dark gothic vibe. He's trying his hand at color, color blocking and pattern, going so far as to outfit models in pink and orange hair. Although we applaud his courage, the result is fucking awful. Full stop. With clothes this disgraceful, Tisci might have ruined the one thing Givenchy does best—run a business.

  • t0fu

    wait is #20 just a image screen printed over an older design? it almost looks like they took all the un-sold shirts and recycled them.

    i kinda like the shirt in #8, the suiting in the other pics is ok, but the rest is a fucking mess. i expect it to sell out per the norm.

  • Patrick Chewing

    Can’t wait to point/laugh at anyone wearing the shirt in 3…

    • Michele D’Agnillo

      I actually thought that was the least wack piece in the collection. Anybody paying 8hunna for that shit needs a smack though.

  • Mturman3

    The typical Givenchy shit (all black everything) is ight, but nearly all of the floral stuff is unwearable.

  • Michael

    that’s a pink helmet dawg

  • Drake

    definitely lovin the sandals doe

  • Geoffrey

    too bad its not ironic

  • JReddingRHC

    This shit is so terrible…

  • GueSuave

    Tisci should stick to darkness